Introducing me! He who shall be named…

Hi yall!

My name is Jeremy. Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m an indie author and my first book, 51 LOVE releases January 18th, 2017. I made some changes to the original version which’s cover and title was “Oenomel”, in case you see that on Goodreads (I can’t remove it from Goodreads, so just know the actual book will be available as 51 LOVE).  I’ve just started writing recently, and 51 LOVE was such a joy to write because it just came to me. It’s about a young guy who meets and falls in love with a young girl, but only after he gets released from jail.

I wrote the first draft in about a month, and never expected to actually write it at all. Like I said, the scenes sort of just came to me all of a sudden while I was looking back through one of my journals. It has many of the things I love:

fish out of water — one of the main characters, Abram, enrolls in freshman classes to avoid being homeless anymore, and nobody knows why somebody so young and handsome was roaming the streets in such dirty clothes.

Romantic letters — the other main character, Jec, replies to the love letters Abram starts with her while everyone around them do not understand why Jec even pays him any attention, given that there are so many rumors going around town theorizing his history.

Steamy attraction — did I mention that underneath all the street filth, cleaned up and cleaned shaven, Abram is her man candy. Jec gets the hotty toddy for Mr. Trouble himself.

Tears that tell a past — Abram and Jec don’t know why they know each other when neither have even met, but their memories keep them coming back for more in this emotional thriller.

Suspense — The sting of young love may be an understatement, when the last 51 minutes of Abram’s time in jail before they met tells exactly why their courtship is not random at all.

I’d love for you to follow me here and on twitter/facebook! Leave a comment, and be on the lookout for 51 LOVE in mid-January.

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