Man! Candy

Hi yall!

There is candy all over the place! And by candy, I don’t just mean Jec’s new mysterious boo thing from the streets. I mean, really ladies, what if somebody like this cleaned up off the streets and starting leaving you love letters at the front desk after he worked out in the gym next door? bodybuilder-331670_1280 Yea, you’d remind him, “excuse me-sir, the uh, the lobby coffee is free for students” just to get another look wouldn’t you? I thought so.

And fellas, I haven’t forgotten about you. When you look next to the definition of beautiful in the dictionary, it just says ‘Jec’. portrait-1462942_1920

But I mean prizes too!


The awesome Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a cover reveal and blog tour for 51 LOVE! I’ve got so much love for the women over there and the hard work they are putting in to help me get the word out about my book. As you can probably see, I’m a bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to social media, but it’s a work in progress ; )

I’m getting a little anxious about it all as the time gets closer. After constantly reviewing the manuscript (what must be a gazillion times), this is the time when I start wiping my forehead for sweat that isn’t even there and conclude I need a nice big ol’ bowl of cotton candy flavored (my favorite) ice cream. Yum! There’s nothing like feel good food.

Hopefully, this abandoned blog won’t be so desolate for long : )

But I can officially say that 51 LOVE’s cover will be revealed MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21st 2016 on numerous blogs organized by Goddess Fish Promotions!

And just like me eating the awesomeness cotton candy flavored ice cream when I get nervous, I want to reward my anxiety by giving out prizes! So, I will be running a rafflecopter starting Nov. 21st on my blog for, drumroll please…

One Hubsan x4 Drone with Camera, one White Sapphire necklace in sterling silver by Kay Jewelers, one $100 Visa Gift Card, one $50 Amazon gift card, a personalized autographed print copy of 51 LOVE, and an ebook of 51 LOVE with multiple winners!

The first BIG winner drawn in the rafflecopter will win the drone, the White Sapphire necklace in sterling silver by Kay Jewelers, the $100 Visa gift card, and an autographed print copy of 51 LOVE. The second winner drawn will win the $50 Amazon gift card and an autographed print copy of 51 LOVE. And eight more winners will be drawn to receive an ebook version of 51 LOVE. To be eligible for the first two prizes (drone, necklace, gift cards, and signed print copies), you must have a US mainland mailing address. Everyone with a valid email address is eligible for an ebook version of 51 LOVE. I will continue to draw winners from all entries until all prizes have been drawn.

Plus, I figured the prizes would be fun given the holiday season is right around the corner ; )

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