51 Love Giveaway!


Let’s just get right to it!

Like I announced earlier, I’m giving away some prizes for the holidays and BOY, can you win BIG!

What are the prizes?

One Hubsan x4 Drone with Camera, One White Sapphire necklace in sterling silver by Kay Jewelers, one $100 Visa Gift Card, one $50 Amazon gift card, a personalized autographed print copy of 51 LOVE, and an ebook of 51 LOVE with multiple winners!

What can you expect?

The first BIG winner drawn in the rafflecopter will win the drone, the White Sapphire necklace in sterling silver by Kay Jewelers, the $100 Visa gift card, and an autographed print copy of 51 LOVE. The second winner drawn will win the $50 Amazon gift card and an autographed print copy of 51 LOVE. And eight more winners will be drawn to receive an ebook version of 51 LOVE. To be eligible for the first two prizes (drone, necklace, gift cards, and signed print copies), you must have a US mainland mailing address. Everyone with a valid email address is eligible for an ebook version of 51 LOVE. I will continue to draw winners from all entries until all prizes have been drawn. Each prize winner will be contacted via email within 48 hours of the drawing.

The more you submit entries, the better your chances. (hint:You can use the TWEET entry once a day! *wink-wink)

And don’t forget about the THUNDERCLAP!

Thunderclap is a really cool social crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks. 

My goal is to get 100 people to agree to share the below linked message about my book by January 17th, 2017. When I hit 100 (update: we’re at 18%), on Jan. 17th, that message will be blasted out to all those who agreed to share, spreading my message even farther and wider than I could ever imagine.

It’s SUPER easy to participate- click THIS LINK  and then click “support with Facebook” or “support with Twitter” and voila! That’s it.

Oh, and my cover was revealed today! Isn’t it purdy?


Many thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions and all of the participating blogs for helping me celebrate my new cover today!

With no further adieu, here’s the rafflecopter (update: the rafflecopter is closed):

51 Love Rafflecopter giveaway


(to leave a reply below, make sure you’re on the dedicated ’51 Love Giveaway’ blog page by clicking under the ‘recent posts’ sidebar : )

What fruit would you hand feed your significant other and why?


Winning updates!

: ) WINNERS: CONGRATULATIONS and a great big HUG to all the winners of my 51 LOVE giveaways! I am so thankful for everyone’s support and hope you enjoy your prizes!

Emails have been sent out for confirmations and the recipients are in!

Karrie, Kathe, Carol, Tracy, Janel, Richard, Bridget, Dominique, Jayedee, Dennis, Brendan, Brent, Green, Kathleen, Janice, and Beth, and Maria!

17 winners – 1 GRAND prize, a 2nd big prize, 14 ebooks, and 1 Goodreads winner! Thank you all so much!

12 thoughts on “51 Love Giveaway!

  1. Jeremy, I LOVE your enthusiasm!!! I just joined the Thunderclap, and I’m looking very much forward to helping you promote 51 Love. The cover is beautiful!
    As far as the question, I’m one of those wackos that’s crazy in love with my husband, so I’d feed him just about anything 😉


  2. Thin slices of juicy ripe mango would be fed to my s.o. They are super soft and not too acidic, high energy content which is helpful for any activities following the feeding, Just messy enough to imply.. something. Good luck with your book!


  3. I would feed my boyfriend Strawberries with whipped cream, because after we are done with the strawberries we can use the whipped cream for some adult fun!


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