1 month ‘Til, and free ebooks (literally) w/ the Goodreads challenge: )

Heeeeey y’all!

Are you ready like a yeti eating frozen spaghetti?! So am I!


First, I want to say that the cover reveal was a TREMENDOUS success and I had a ton of fun. I so LOVED the reactions. I’ve made some small tweaks to the cover to make sure it is sharp, no pun intended. Just kidding. Or…am I? *hehe| Here’s a closer look:


As you know and as a reminder, I’m already running a rafflecopter giveaway with some BIG prizes:

One Hubsan x4 Drone with Camera, One White Sapphire necklace in sterling silver by Kay Jewelers, one $100 Visa Gift Card, one $50 Amazon gift card, a personalized autographed print copy of 51 LOVE, and an ebook of 51 LOVE with multiple winners.

Two winners will receive a print copy with the Drone/Gift cards. And ***EIGHT more winners will be drawn to receive an ebook (Kindle) version of 51 LOVE.

I’m not going to lie though. The recipe of the cover looks so purdy (I really love peaches by the way)…but the dern Thunderclap is looking real weak at 16%, SO….fugg it.


It’s time to spice some things up.


I want to sprinkle some fantastic sauce on it, and this is where helping spread the word helps MORE. I HAVE A CHALLENGE, and it’s not just any challenge. What’s better than free books? MORE free books : )

I’ve added a Goodreads Giveaway for 1 print copy of 51 LOVE which starts today. So yes, you will have chances to win prizes in both the rafflecopter as well as GR!… But this GR Giveaway is to double wammy the awesomeness of BOTH giveaways!

***Challenge # 1:

For every 50 “to read” adds on Goodreads, I will add 1 free ebook (Kindle edition) to my 51 LOVE RAFFLECOPTER (8 + ?).


***Challenge #2:

If 51 LOVE hits 500 “to read” adds, I will add 1 free ebook every 25 “to read” adds from there on.

***Challenge #3:

If we hit 100% for the Thunderclap, I’ll add 5 more free ebooks in the rafflecopter.

Adding your “to read” is an entry in the 51 LOVE rafflecopter, and I hope you join the rafflecopter to claim your chance to win BIG too!

(update) Here is where we are at right now on Goodreads:   115 people (10 total free ebooks!)

Here is where we are at right now on Thunderclap: 18%

Totally within grasp huh? More like, how many books do you want? This book is literally, in your hands. Merry Xmas!!!

I will announce and contact (via email) all the winners within 48 hours of the RAFFLECOPTER end date [January 17th, 2017]   : ) 

Thunderclap Link : )

Rafflecopter Link : )

“To read” ADD  on Goodreads link:

51 Love

51 Love


Goodreads Giveaway Link:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

51 Love by Jeremy T. Ringfield

51 Love

by Jeremy T. Ringfield

Giveaway ends January 10, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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