BIG dates coming<3

Hey y’all,

Happy new years!

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff at the same time and so it’s time to update everybody on what’s going on.

Of course, the 51 LOVE rafflecopter is still going and the time is running out! The Goodreads giveaway for 51 LOVE is also still open and time is ticking. What would you do with 51 minutes left? Hmmm….

Also, there are some BIG dates coming up.


First, on January 9th, 2017, I’m so thankful that I can say the wonderful blog Enchanted Book Promotions has organized a video trailer reveal for 51 LOVE! I feel so anxious about this release because so many people have worked hard to help me put together a plan for getting the word out. I’m just humbled by all the interests and hope it is simply an enjoyable work of art. The book release of 51 LOVE is January 18th, 2017.


Next, on January 11th, 2017, the fantastic YA Bound Book Tours has organized a cover reveal for my first Young Adult novel titled FADE AWAY. I’m so excited for this release too because it was such a joy to write. An epistolary style fiction of coming of age, it has all ‘the perks’ of a socially conscience story combined with the awkward humor that characterizes our lives as we traverse the new landscape of high school. Except, with more estrogen and diversity. Elizabeth, the main character in FADE AWAY and a deeply flawed young woman, is by far one of my favorite characters to have written about and you’ll see exactly why ; ) The book release of FADE AWAY is March 22nd, 2017.

With that, as time runs out on the above giveaways, there will be another rafflecopter and a Goodreads giveaway that will begin on January 11th for FADE AWAY! Yep, the fun never stops over here ; )

The BIG blog tours you can look forward to:

You are welcome to save these dates and join me! I’m very grateful that multiple blog tour organizers have committed to helping me spread the word about these two novels.

Stay tuned for more surprises and way, way more ; ) Thank you for stopping by this bumfuzzly page of LOVE.


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