He who shall have a video trailer

Hi y’all!!!!


Woo-woo! It’s almost here and I’m getting so antsy!

I want to thank Enchanted Book Promotions for organizing the 51 LOVE trailer reveal for today. The whole team over there is absolutely ah-mazing!

For watching, I thank y’all… love is all.

Here is the trailer, hope you enjoy ; )


On the edge of a January 10th deadline:

Last call for….The 51 LOVE Goodreads giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a signed print copy of 51 LOVE

January 17th deadline is fast approaching:

Last call for…..The 51 LOVE rafflecopter! Hop in it for a chance to win a drone, $100 visa GC, $50 Amazon GC, print and ebooks of 51 LOVE!

What’s around the corner?

  • THIS Wednesday, January 11th is the cover reveal (organized by YA Bound Books) for my first YA novel titled FADE AWAY! You are so welcome to join me as two more giveaways begin: the FADE AWAY rafflecopter and goodreads giveaway for print, ebooks, and more!
  • The release date for 51 LOVE is next week, January 18th, 2017!

Quick Challenge Reminders:

Don’t forget, the 51 LOVE rafflecopter is in your hands!

***Challenge # 1:

For every 50 “to read” adds on Goodreads, I will add 1 free ebook (Kindle edition) to my original 51 LOVE RAFFLECOPTER (8 + ?).


***Challenge #2:

If 51 LOVE hits 500 “to read” adds, I will add 1 free ebook every 25 “to read” adds from there on.

***Challenge #3:

If we hit 100% for the Thunderclap, I’ll add 5 more free ebooks in the rafflecopter.

Adding your “to read” is an entry in the 51 LOVE rafflecopter, and I hope you join the rafflecopter to claim your chance to win BIG too!

(update) Here is where we are at right now on Goodreads:   324 people (14 total free ebooks!)

Here is where we are at right now on Thunderclap: 24%




3 thoughts on “He who shall have a video trailer

      • If I had a significant other I would hope to hand feed him black cherries soaked in kirsch & dipped in dark chocolate all the while hoping that he didn’t like them so he’d have to feed them to me!


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