What type of dispatch is you?

You'll meet a lot of students at college or university. Some of them will be a favorite part of your social circle. Others will make you turn your face off with a screw after you spend two minutes with them

In any case, there is a collection of ten types of students with whom you will meet in high school. Perhaps you see yourself in some of them

Of course, all the snacks during class. Who hasn't lived on a chete and had no coffee during the lecture? Well, believe me, Eater is changing things. Eater tater taktas in class to a whole new level. It won't show anything with a whole pizza, jizz right out of the box with mein mein (including chopsticks) or works all over the left side of the Taco Bell menu in one lecture. The sound of chewing is annoying, but there are bright side: if you look at its overall direction long enough, it can throw you in the chalk or two

This student is almost always a freshman. It doesn't matter if she has eight hours in the morning.

Legacy's grandfather may not have a name in the school gym, but the Legacy is exactly the same as it is. Travelers are usually travel by group and are colostable coils almost for all they encounter. If necessary, they rely on one another to support or to name their closest relative. The traces have only one superpower: the ability to hypnotize the school and the police of the campus police with the most intelligent charm. And somehow, it leads to unpleasant problems. Cajdda. One. Time

The superhero of Social Justice can be an amazing person. Unfortunately, they might be terrible people. It depends on their method of spreading the good word and whether they know what they are talking about. This student can find leaflets on bulletin boards, send letters to non-ethical corporations and change their way of life according to their last cause. All the folds, this student is often very well informed, informative and does not say, let not mention some of the great debates

5. The College is "Swag Guy/Girl"

Do you know how most college students have a t-shirt or sports t-shirt that they dug out of their cupboards for the day of the game? Swag Guy/Girl has a college

You don't recognize this student until you've shared with them. First of all, you're gonna teach that they started to specialize in art, because that's how it is

I'm not a geek. In fact, the guru is almost always late for class (if he even showed up). But Guru (Guru) all appointments, group project and examination. In fact, guru is someone who always helps to write essays and other papal things. It's always hard to tell if the guru is lucky, or they have all the right connections. Just know that if you make friends with the guru, you will also become one of the related things

This is 20 minutes before the end of the class, and the professor completed the PowerPoint presentation before. Thought you'd be in the car, escort the jams, and you're on the old-fashioned way to your next class. You're halfway through your place when you hear a nausespeaking student's voice on the front. "Could you please move on to the last slide again?" Defect, you are moving to your place until the class is officially completed. There are no variables. There's no Tim Horton. Just you and your shitty fate

If anyone really knows what they're talking about, it's gonna be a fascinating man. Unfortunately, no. And they're not. Arghera always insists on arguing with the instructor, and the fact that he thinks his university in Google can go against the PhD is completely lost on him. When the situation is very painful, you may want to save this debater, telling him that he has to remain silent. My advice? No, don't. Let the natural selection take its course

In the end, fashion fashion has a vision

She's sitting in the bathroom. It's still dark outside. She's sharpening her lip gloss. Then she hears a voice inside her head. "Who are you trying to impress?" she'll ask her. To be honest, she doesn't know. So, if you hear those words, she's gonna throw her makeup on the floor, put her hair in a dirty bun, and throw a sweater and a shirt on. Evolution is complete. She became a mighty Snagg, inscrutable for the fashionable consciousness (but always very, very comfortable)

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